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Want Your Home to Sell Fast?

                  When deciding to put your home on the market one of the first questions you should ask yourself is…how quickly would you like to se [more]
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Home Improvements NOT to do!

Are you a proud homeowner thinking of putting your current home on the market for sale?  Spring seems to be the tim [more]
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sell your home

Do You Want to List Your Home or Sell Your H...

  Perhaps you’re thinking…what kind of question is that, isn’t listing and selling the same thing?  My answer [more]
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Broker’s Eye View – Marley Capra...

    It’s time to delve into the life of Marley.  I’d like to say this blog will be a piece of cake since [more]
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Rocky Mountain House Real Estate home love

Thinking of NOT selling your home?

We know you’re out there…probably in larger numbers than any other homeowner right now, you are not interested in s [more]
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Broker’s Eye View – Laurie Wache...

      I think my very first impression of Laurie was that she was dedicated!  And I don’t just mean [more]
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Rocky Mountain House Real Estate new heights

Real Estate Services Reaching New Heights!

Clearwater Realty Ltd. is proud to be providing Rocky Mountain House and Clearwater County consumers with new and i [more]
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Broker’s Eye View – Elaine Thron...

      Let’s talk about Ms. Thronberg.  It’s fitting on this frigid week because I think [more]
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Broker’s Eye View – Cortney Jame...

It’s time for the 2nd installment of the not-so stuffy bio’s of each unique individual on our team…from my broker’s [more]
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Reasons it’s a great idea to sell in t...

If you are determined to sell your home and are starting to feel panicked by the winter months, don’t fret!  [more]
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The Grateful Realtor®

I am so often humbled and grateful in my profession as a realtor®, I feel that every client I have the pleasure of [more]
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Solds! 30 day stats

I did a quick search for consumers of what exactly has sold in the last 30 days and worked out some specific averag [more]
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